Opening day-avajaispäivä

As always last days leading to new opening is always busy and in our case the days are very hectic. We put down previous exhibition on Friday after 19.00 and then we start to build the new one and the opening is in less than 24 hours. We were lucky that Komugi Ando came to pack her delicate work herself. Kiitos Komugi!

But we had a problem. For the exhibition ”Letters from the world” some works had to not arrived until the opening. We had to come up with solutions with the approval of the artists, very many thanks Kristof and Kerstin. And actually the solutions worked very well. But anyway we are still waiting the actual works to arrive so the exhibition will continue to change in the coming days.

The post offices as well as we all have had to adjust to this whole situation. We galleristdetectives feel superhappy and grateful that we can show international contemporary artists in our sixth and final exhibition this summer.

So if you want to see international art from interesting artists in a peculiar little gallery, you still can until Satuday 22.8. You are welcome!


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