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TAIDE Galleria Etsivätoimisto ART Gallery DetectiveOffice

non profit art gallery in the village of Veikkola, Kirkkonummi, Finland.

Photos from all the exhibitions here!

We seek for exiting art. It can be old stuff or completely new or just an idea yet, but it has to be exiting. Kind of stuff that makes you wonder and stays in your mind. We invite artists to show their work and we are also open to any suggestions. It can be anything from painting to installation, sculpture to prints etc. Send us free formulated application with some images/ webpage to our email: Follow us in instagram so we can find you. We are two people curating the gallery with different backgrounds so the selection and the process is always interesting even to us.


The gallery space is located in the heart of the village of Veikkola. It has residence in the building between Volunteer Fire Department and local bar Weikko. Some locals seem to hate the building but we think its lovely. And perfect for our detective office. The space is around 50 squaremetres and has lots of light cause the windows are facing south. (See image gallery below.)

Busses 280 from Helsinki arrive and leave just in front of the gallery. Also connection to Kirkkonummi, Espoo, Nummela.

Our contact information is here:


This photo is taken 2.12.2017. It was the first time we dreamed of the detective office in that space. But it was occupied. On Monday 6.6.2020 we noticed that it is empty and just called the owner right away and told her that we want to put art there. In 24 hours we had the keys and started to contact artists. In six days from the idea we had our first exhibition. We were lucky to find artists as spontaneous as us to do this this fast. And we have something to offer that it is unusual in Finland. Space that is FREE for artists to show their art. NO rent. Yes, we know, it sounds crazy for artists from other countries, artists PAY the rent of the gallery?! Yes, they do. Sometimes over 2000 euros. Yes, its SILLY. And YES it has to CHANGE.